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Are you an entrepreneur desperately trying to build your side-hustle or business online to make extra money from home but frustrated with the lack of results?

Then we’re going to get along quite well. 

Hi! I’m Sasha!

Let me guess. You spend all your time trying to beat the algorithm on social media to figure out how to get more clients, make more sales or finally start earning enough money to just support your business. 


You’re tired of having friends and family dodge you in the local grocery store because they are afraid that you’re going to ask them to host yet another party.


Or maybe you cringe secretly inside whenever your upline tells you you need to send out messages to your friend’s-friend’s-friends that start with a message that says, “Hey girl!” {BLECH}

All you want to do is make extra money from home. But, even after all those efforts, you’re lucky to even get a sad “no thanks” reply in your inbox.

But you really believe that someday you won't have to keep spinning on a wheel just keep your business alive.

You romance the idea that someday, your mornings will be beautiful where you’ll simply enjoy your coffee with the kids and the pets without having to worry about going to a soul-sucking 9-5 job because you built a business that you can be proud of and that can support your family.

And so, in an effort to succeed, you read post after post, buy zillions of e-courses about how to reach people and make money online.

You even try some of those pocket-emptying, cash-sucking coaching programs or courses… (been there) just to find out that they are customized for NO ONE and especially not your specific business or brand.

And so you get frustrated, longing for the time when you can finally feel like you’re getting somewhere with the business you’ve put so much blood, sweat and tears into.

Thankfully, this doesn't have to be a dead-end.

And that’s where I come in.

Hi, I’m Sasha. And I help women entrepreneurs and small businesses make more money from home online by creating customized online marketing solutions that fit their business and their brand. 

PS: If you’re tired of people compiling information they found on the internet and selling it as COURSES, then you’ve come to the right place. Because what you find on this site is purely derived from my personal experiences, things I have learnt, what has worked for me and more importantly, my clients.

I've been an entrepreneur all my life. I'm always looking to try something new, learn something new and build something big on how to make extra money from home.

I’ve literally tried it all. Home-based businesses, sewing businesses, costume businesses, printables design, direct sales, home decorating and organization, and I’ve even been a mystery shopper LOL.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve had failures and I’ve had successes. I’ve had times where I just lost interest. But I keep moving on to the next big thing- because I know it’s out there.

What I found when I started blogging was eye-opening, to say the least. For the past 15 years, I have been running businesses blindly. The incredible opportunity to grow every business I’ve ever had through blogging and through an online presence was right here all along.

I just didn’t know it. In fact, I didn’t even know it existed!

Now, using my online marketing knowledge, I've helped over 3000 women use blogging and social media as a tool to grow their businesses and side-hustles to the highest potential.

Out of everything that I have done and achieved so far, I have some core beliefs that fuel my actions. I believe that every entrepreneur’s dream is different and should be valued for its uniqueness. Around this view, I developed a passion for helping women to pursue their dreams in the highest possible way by creating solutions that support those ideas.

I went from thinking that I have no idea how to build my business online to a thriving and successful side-hustle. It is a dream come true for me.

Some days, I worried that I didn’t know if it was possible. I didn’t know if I could do it or if I had what it takes. Every day, I am so grateful that I took that first step and followed my intuition.

Pitching and following up for testimonials and thereby annoying my clients is not my style (if you know me). But who doesn’t admire the love notes that come straight from the heart? Here are some:



Sasha delightfully shares her vast knowledge in helping bloggers know the ins and outs of putting together their blog. And its always presented in innovative and creative ways to keep your attention. Beth Elkassih –


My recent coaching call with Sasha was the best business decision I’ve made! My blog was going nowhere and I knew I needed help. I desperately wanted my blog to succeed, but I didn’t know how to get to that point. With Sasha’s help, I now have a blog plan and I have been putting it to work! Having a plan gives me hope that I will be able to help my audience and grow my business at the same time. I can’t stress enough how important it is to invest in a coaching call. Without Sasha’s help, my blog would still be still idle and not reaching its full potential. I highly recommend booking a coaching call with Sasha!

Jessica Dowell Designs

Sasha is full of knowledge and always there to help. Thanks to Sasha and her Glitteratti Membership Group I have gone from 500 pageviews to 4000 pageviews in a month! She has been there to help me through all my technical issues and get my website headed in the right direction! She is always adding the latest, greatest ways to help you grow your blog and not only does she offer a great course but she has so many free resources to help get you going! Thanks for everything Sasha, I couldn’t have done it without you! ☺️

Jenn Summers TheOldSummersHome.com 


So you're probably wondering. What's with the name?

When I started this blog my intention was to just blog about my business and life experiences. But it took on a whole new direction of its own. And I stuck with the name.

For all the grammar nazis out there, yes, I’m not lost on the fact that it sounds like it should be “Every Day”.. two words. I think that living dreams should feel like an “everyday”, regular experience. We all deserve it!

That and I REALLY LOVE all things sparkly (insert magpie comparison). Sometimes it’s all I need to make my heart happy.

In my “spare” time, I like to spend time with my amazing and supportive husband and our four kids and sharing the “odd” glass of prosecco with my amazing friends.

If you dream big, hustle hard and love all things sparkly, you’ve come to the right space!

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Sasha Lassey Online Business and Blog Coach
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