How to Get Your Sh*t Together and Become a Successful Entrepreneur

If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, it isn't just about having an idea and starting a business.

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If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, it isn't just about having an idea and starting a business.

Guest Post by Porsha, the creator of LifetimeInflux

If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, it isn’t just about having an idea and starting a business.

Getting yourself together as an entrepreneur can be hard when you are not motivated enough to get to your goals. Sometimes it may seem that your dreams you’ve destined for are a lifetime away. Making you feel like your not getting there. 

Firstly let me say to you. Successful entrepreneurs learn from their mistakes. You’ve probably heard this before. But I am saying to you now, you know those mistakes are just like speed bumps, your goal as an entrepreneur is to deal and get over those speed bumps and don’t let them sidetrack you or stop you from achieving your goals. 

There are successful ways for you as an entrepreneur to use your problem-solving skills to figure out what is right for you to be able to get yourself together and achieve your goals. 

I, myself, have struggled with this over the last year, which led me to create this post for people who are struggling with being a successful entrepreneur.

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1. Trust and Believe in your that you can be your own boss.

Being a successful entrepreneur isn’t always easy. It is a very different environment from your typical working environment. Because within a working environment, there is more to assist you with, such as systems, teams put in place to help you follow and get things done.

But as an entrepreneur, you are the only one that is accountable for how your own business gets run.

This means you have to steer yourself in the right direction to get your business up and running. This is where believing in yourself is very important because its all a process and things may not always go the way you want them to go.

 Over time, you’ll create and get used the processes and schedules you have made for yourself to help your business succeed. Once you create this process, you’ll need to be able to balance your daily life with your business.

2. Know what your passion is 

Being a successful entrepreneur is all about being creative. If you are passionate about something, make sure its clear and it something you can create into a business.

It takes a lot of passion for becoming an entrepreneur. But don’t let that passion cloud your judgement. Make sure you have a clear vision of what is right in front of your face. Keep it real with yourself and what you’re passionate about and don’t stray from it.

3. Get organised 

Starting a business is not easy; this is where you have to take a leap of faith. It would help if you got organised, create a business plan for you to establish everything you want to achieve and work toward it.

Prioritise your to-do list, and your must-do list daily. So that you give yourself a clear idea of what you need to get done within that day, make sure you understand that businesses are all about taking a risk, because if you can’t take a chance and meet those risk head-on and get them done.

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4. What is it to you, a business or a hobby?

A hobby is a passion of yours that you can turn into a business. For me personally I started blogging as a hobby because I love to help people. Others start businesses because they want to start something that they own for themselves. 

I feel turning your hobby into a business is the best way to go because a hobby is your passion and turning that into a business is something I think everyone to aspire too. Doing what you love and earning money while doing it is just a bonus.

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5. Position yourself as a leader to help you become a successful entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs always lead the way you may not always have the right answers, but that is something you’ve got to work with it. It’s more about knowing the best places to find these answers.

Being a successful entrepreneur, you have to understand that you’ll have to make a lot of decision about your business. So you have to make sure you have confidence in what you are doing daily.

ten tips to become a successful entrepreneur
How to Get Your Sh*t Together and Become a Successful Entrepreneur 1

6. Remember entrepreneurship is a process

A successful business isn’t going to happen, you need to work at it. You have to remember starting a business is like running a marathon and not a sprint.

Most successful businesses become highly profitable within the first two years, but that all depends on what you are doing. Because every business is different, sometimes you have to learn the processes involved. 

Especially when it comes to blogging because there is a lot of aspects involved when it comes to blogging, such as consistent posting, coming up with new ideas, gaining traffic, graphics and images included within Pinterest and more. This may take time to get the hang of, but its best to be persistent. 

7. Don’t compare yourself to someone else 

Never compare yourself to someone else, because remember you are just at start of the game. You comparing yourself to someone else’s finish is not going to help you; it will only make things worse for you and make you feel discouraged. Stopping you from getting to where you are supposed to be.

Your primary focus should be on everything between your start and finish. That where the work needs to come in, and that’s where you need to be the most consistent.

Make sure you keep your eyes on what is in front of you and not the finishing line. You’ll get there eventually, sooner rather than later if you put in the work.

8. Procrastination is a no for a successful entrepreneur

Procrastination is a big problem with most entrepreneurs. Because they are most likely unsure about what they want to do next, but I believe its more to do with how to achieve what they want to make.

I get that because procrastination has been a massive problem for me too, but for entrepreneurs, it’s about taking the actions to get you to those goals. As people starting new businesses you need to start doing what you need to do to help your business improve. And not get distracted by what is going on around you. 

Don’t let your confusion with what you are trying to do, lead you into procrastination. Because once you get into that mode, it is hard to get out. Please make sure you start with whatever it is you’re looking to achieve and ensure you know what you need to do correctly and how to do it.

Either by teaching yourself and learning from others experiences.

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9. Do one thing at a time 

Have you ever feel overwhelmed by all the things you are doing? Because I sure have, and from what I have learnt its best to work on one thing at a time.

I have learnt you have to schedule time each week to get what you need to do done. Don’t rush and try to do everything at once, take your time and complete one thing and then move on to the next. 

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10. Ask for help when you need it 

Asking for help is not a bad thing, sometimes getting help from others can be the solution to all your problems. Especially when you are the business owner, sometimes asking for help is the best option. And a bit of business coaching can be helpful.

Personally, for me, I have asked for help in any way when it comes to blogging. And buying courses from other bloggers provide helps as they have experienced working with blogs for a more extended period. 

Finding the right help is essential and using that help to guide you within your business is massive. The work you put in as well also plays a big part in how your business improves.

Being a successful entrepreneur comes with a lot, once you have recognised what those things are for you. The tips above hopefully will provide you with some fantastic insight on how to get yourself together to become a successful entrepreneur.

How to Get Your Sh*t Together and Become a Successful Entrepreneur

I am Porsha, the creator of LifetimeInflux. I use my brand to help young entrepreneurs and bloggers with their lifestyle choices. As Providing insight and tips on blogging and my own travel experiences. I created my blog because I am passionate about helping people and its something enjoy doing.

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  1. These are some awesome tips! I just found your blog thru VCB. I was sharing out one of your posts thru it & decided to come over here and check it out.

    I’m so glad I did. Your website is fabulous. I love the look & feel of it. And your content is freakin’ on point.

    I love that you have the little audio plug-in added so that it will read the post to you. That is so cool. I think I’m gonna add that to my site..

    Dropping you some love! I totally needed this article today! Thanks for the motivation & inspiration!

    Amy recently posted…25 Powerful Affirmations To Say Over Your Life Right Now

    1. Well thank you for coming to check it out, Amy! And thank you for all the sweet comments about my blog -it’s always a work in progress lol. I found the audio plugin for free, just wish that it had an option to be a female voice instead of a man’s but it will be awesome for anyone that wants to listen to the blog posts or for the visually impaired. Thanks for reading!

  2. Although starting a blog with the goal of turning it into a business, I struggled for some time to see it as a business. Now as my blog and knowledge grows the big picture has grown too. I love what you write on procrastination as I feel sometimes that I’m thinking how too do something for long periods. Thinking, planning is part of the progress. Thanks for sharing these tips.

    1. Totally, Angie! I always have to remind myself that done is better than perfect or I will procrastinate like crazy! So glad that you enjoyed the post and thanks for reading! 🙂

  3. This post was very insightful and it’s so easy to relate to!

    It really motivates me to get up and get my sh!t together!!

    Thank you so much for this. Will definitely be rereading over and over.

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