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Why Ultimate Bundles is the best affiliate marketing program to join in 2022 for any niche!

If you’re thinking of earning money as an affiliate marketer, you NEED to join the Ultimate Bundles team!

What is Ultimate Bundles all about?

If you’ve never heard of the Ultimate Bundles team, they are an amazing company out of Canada that bundle related products for a crazy reduced price.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Program to Join in 2023

They source out the best people in the industry and find valued content and then sell it for up to 98% off retail. To give you an idea: the last Genius Blogger’s bundle had 94 products, was valued at over $1500 and sold for $97!

The offers are mainly geared toward digital creations such as ebooks, ecourses, digital downloads and webinars but sometimes have physical products as well.

The company started in 2012 as a one-time effort and 7 years later, they are still producing some of the best values for a ton of different niches and wants.

Currently, the Ultimate Bundles team has two types of bundles. One is evergreen and is sold throughout the year. The other is ultimate or “super” bundles which are only sold for a few days a year.

Evergreen Bundles

Ultimate and Super Bundles

Why is Ultimate Bundles the best affiliate program for new bloggers?

High Paying

As an affiliate for Ultimate Bundles, you can earn 40% on each person that is made from a person using your direct link. Although this is pretty standard commission across the industry, the products and bundles are valued so high, that they pretty much sell themselves.

Access to training and live help on the Facebook Group

It’s really great when you can easily contact your affiliate companies for help. They truly want you to succeed and it’s why their program is so successful.

The folks over at the UB team are simply amazing. You can email them for assistance and they are always a quick message away on their exclusive Facebook group for affiliates if you have a question about something.

They also offer marketing basics for all their bundles and some strategies used by their top sellers to help you along the way.

All assets are provided

This was really amazing to me when I got started, and probably one of the main reasons I think they are so great for a new blogger starting out with affiliate marketing.

I had no idea what I was doing with affiliate marketing when I started or even what to post. Thankfully, the brilliant people at UB have this all taken care of for you!

They’ve really thought of everything including promotional banners, links, buttons and copy, and even schedules of when to post. All you need to do is head to their affiliate portal, select the campaign you are promoting and bingo-bango, the marketing is done for you.

30-Day Cookies

Cookies are how companies track your affiliate links and know who to give credit to. Ultimate Bundles uses a 30-day cookie which means that anyone that clicks on your link and then purchases within 30 days, you will get credit for.

You can use your own link to purchase bundles for yourself or as gifts and earn a commission

This is a super cool bonus! The bundles offered by UB are a great way to gift back to your audience and you can earn commission by using your own affiliate link! WIN-WIN!

high paying affiliate program

Different ways to work with the Ultimate Bundles team

Apply to be an affiliate marketer for their bundles

Getting started as an affiliate for Ultimate Bundles is super easy. All you need to do is fill out a quick application and the team will get back to you with your answer pretty quickly.

Once you are approved, you’ll get your own dedicated links to promote whichever bundle you would like.

As an affiliate, there are some great perks! First, you will earn 40% of all sales. You also get early access to bundle to check it out before you promote it. And, you get the bundle discounted or even for FREE depending on your sales.

When I first started as an affiliate, I earned over $120 and received my bundle free which was valued over $1000! Hell yeah!

Earn passive income – sign others up as affiliates to earn second tier sales

You can also encourage others to become affiliates for Ultimate Bundles (just like in this post!). When someone uses your link to sign up as an affilaite, you can ear 10% of their sales in the first year.

This is known as “second-tier affiliates” and I have had several sales from this alone since I started.

Be a contributor

Being a contributor to Ultimate Bundles is an incredible opportunity. If you have your own products or services, consider applying to one of the programs as a contributor.

The perks for this are insane! As a contributor, you will earn 70% any sales you make using your link. You can also qualify for a contributor bonus when the payout is calculated and all contributors receive the bundle for free and early so that you have the best chance of promoting.

Be a Bonus partner

Another great perk of the Ultimate Bundles promotion is the chance to check out some really discounted offers from other companies as bonus partners.

This is a free program available to businesses that would like to offer a free or discounted item that is included as part of one of the bundle deals, usually as an early bird bonus.

If you are a small start-up company, this is incredible free advertising as your products can be shared on over 200 blogs as part of the promotion. This is great to build new customers and get your name out there.

How much money can you earn as an affiliate for Ultimate Bundles?

I signed up as an affiliate within three months of starting my blog and knew absolutely NOTHING about affiliate marketing or promotions at all for that matter. The first Genius Blogger’s Toolkit I promoted as an affiliate, I earned $318.20 US! I was blown away!

The next time the bundle came around, I was lucky enough to have my brand-new blogging membership site out and decided to apply as a contributor for the October Genius Blogger’s Toolkit sale and was accepted.

In three days as a contributor, I earned $925 (US) and a $250 contributor bonus for a total of $1175 USD. This was for 14 affiliate sales and 2, second tier sales. WOOT WOOT. (Can you say Christmas bonus??!!)

How are you paid as an affiliate or a contributor?

Because the Ultimate Bundles team offers a money-back guarantee, you will have to wait for the payout to clear that time. Currently, the payout date is made on the 11th day after the second month of sales.

So, the sales that were made by October 11 were paid December 11 via PayPal transfer.

Conclusion: Ultimate Bundles is a great way to get started with affiliate marketing

As I said before, the UB group is committed to helping you succeed. When you succeed, they succeed.

They provide all the tools you might need. A marketing schedule, graphics and banners, copy for your emails and posts and most importantly, support when you need it.

If you are new to blogging and earning money through affiliate sales, this is a great way to get started!

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