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The Blogging Babes Collective Facebook Group

An Online Marketing and Support Group for Women Entrepreneurs

What is the Blogging Babes Collective All About?

When I first started blogging, I joined several different Facebook groups to help me figure out my blog. I was so confused and overwhelmed by the amount of information everywhere!

Sound familiar?

I instantly knew that this blogging thing was not going to be an over-night success and was going to take some work..and I was ready to commit to whatever needed to be done.

Need Help and Support for Your Growing Business?

I would say that I am an over-achiever by nature. Always have been.

Growing up in my house, failure was not an option and something I’ve never explored. My mom used to say she wished she’d let me lose at snakes and ladders just so I would know what failure was like when I got to the “real” world.

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As a result of that, I always try to figure out everything I encounter, even if I’m clueless- I try to make it the best that I can. Still, with all of the great little tutorials I encountered, I still couldn’t figure out what I was doing.

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been so confused by anything I’ve ever done and seriously considered throwing in the towel- less than two weeks in.

The World of Blogging is HUGE

I really felt that I’ve missed out on an entire era of life. How did everyone in the world seem to know what an SEO, WP acronym, rich pin and affiliate marketing is but I had no clue??

From the questions in the groups I joined, I realized very quickly that there were so many women like me who wanted to create their own blog- their own sparkle, but were lost in the process too.

Shortly after, my very great friend and co-worker, (who also has a new website Tracy Mosby VA – check it out!) decided to meet for a blogging get-together and instantly, I knew what I had been missing.


We spent the entire night, each exploring different things in blog-ville and came back to each other with a new idea or point of view. It was like sharing a brain- which I am aptly fond of at any time in life.

I really believe that anytime you can collaborate with someone on something to create a bigger picture- you are all WINNING.

The Blogging Babes Collective was Born

Seeing how much it did for my own confidence, I quickly created a Facebook group for anyone that wanted to learn about blogging.

Not just a regular, run-of-the-mill Facebook group- but one with a free, interactive setting that we could get together at least once a week to bounce ideas and learn from each other.

I truly feel this is an amazing concept, as I haven’t heard of one quite like it so far. Especially a free one. No sales pitches, no agendas.

Just some ladies trying to catch up with the ever-changing blog world (and world in general).

Finding Your Tribe

Don’t get me wrong. I’m involved in several great groups that help to share content and answer ideas, but this is the only one that helps in the start-up of a blog through collaboration. This just feels so different.

Every time we get together, it’s an amazing learning process and I am always feeling amped up again and ready to rock my blog when we are finished.

I seriously want to quit my day job and collaborate full-time. (Maybe one day!)

This group has grown to over 2000 members in just over a year. It’s become such an amazing and empowering space for entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses in the online marketing world.


If this is something you are interested in, please check us out over on Facebook!

Do you participate in any amazing blogging groups?? Please share the links below! I’d love to check them out!

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