A Step by Step Guide on How to Create Evergreen Content

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What is Evergreen Content? A step by step guide.

You may have heard from some bloggers that they earn money while they sleep or that a single post brings them X sum of money every month. So, who are these bloggers? Are they from the same planet? Well well, these bloggers are just like you and they live on the very same planet where you live. It is just they have cracked the code of continued income. The secret lies in creating Evergreen Content. 

I know that you are thinking how does it make any difference? But it does make a difference and a huge one. 

How? For that, you have to follow the post through the end. After this post, you will not only understand what is an evergreen content but also all those various tips to create evergreen content.

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Let’s begin it from the start. I have told you that the secret of consistent earning is creating evergreen content. What those bloggers do is publish 4 or 5 evergreen blog posts and then wait for the money to roll in! 

What is Evergreen Content?

It’s actually quite easy to understand.

Evergreen Content is the information that is forever new. If you are looking for an Evergreen content definition or I read your mind, scroll down.

Evergreen content is a piece of information published online that does not expire for a long period of time. This is how it remains forever new.

Let’s understand better with some of the evergreen content examples.

Suppose you want to publish an article on your website. It must have two qualities.

  • It must be able to bring a lot of traffic.
  • The information must remain everlasting. 

Now, you have two ideas on which you want to write about. 

  • How to make a DIY paper bag.
  • Weather Report for this month.

Tell me which one you find more value for a long period of time? 

The first one, Right? Yes, because even after 5 or 10 years people will want to know how to make a DIY paper bag but nobody will give a damn about a weather report of some month of the year that is 5 or 10 years before them. 

How does Evergreen Content bring continuous traffic?

If you check your top pages on Google Analytics you will find that almost 50 percent of your overall traffic comes from the top three pages on your website and almost 80 percent of your overall traffic comes from only five pages of your website. Surprisingly, we have most of the time skipped this important information. 

Remember how I told you about those bloggers who publish 4 or 5 evergreen posts and earn easy money every month. Well, they are clever bloggers. From their experience, they have learned that such content not only works better but also longer.

So what they do is create some well-optimized evergreen posts with suitable keywords and add relevant affiliate links on them to make money. And of course, their impressive writing style!

Alternatively, people search for such information all the time and almost every time, they are convinced to buy from them and so it is natural that these posts bring traffic. 

Now you know that evergreen content performs wonders for a blog don’t you want your blog to get traffic? Definitely yes! 

How to create evergreen content? 

For this, you have to follow an evergreen content strategy. I’ll walk you through the process and you will be able to get high numbers in your traffic. 

First things first, brainstorm all of the evergreen content ideas in your niche that you think can do well. To come up with a perfect list of topics follow these tips.

  •  Do a lot of research. 

 This can be done in two ways. The first is to research your competition. You can use Neil Patel’s free tool Ubersuggest. Just type in your Competitor’s domain name and you will see all of the top pages. Analyze them and find out your list. 

 The second method is Buzzsumo. It is a paid tool specially designed for content research. Simply type in your idea and you will be sent to a screen that displays all of those blog posts that have already done well. 

  • Be niche specific. 

Select only those topics that you find are relevant to your niche. This will help you build trust with your audience and they will tend to return to your website.

Still not sure? Look at this list of evergreen content types that would work really well.

  • How-To Articles
  • Lists 
  • Tutorials
  • Food recipes
  • Product Reviews 
  • Finance related topics 
  • Lifestyle
  • Parenting 
  • Weight loss and etc.

Not to get confused, here are some of the ideas that can not be considered as evergreen content.

  • Weather reports (it changes regularly)
  • Breaking News (not a good idea!)
  • Articles with dates 
  • Analytical or statistical article (they are likely to change)
  • Fashion (it depends on trend)
  • Holiday or vacation

When you are done, select 4 or 5 topics that you want to publish first and set a goal to do the task. If you have done it till here then congratulations you have already done the hard part. 

Pick one topic from the list that you want to write about. Now do your research and collect all the information that you want to write in your post. When you are all set to write your evergreen post be sure to check out this list of tips and tricks that can help you write better.

Tips for Writing Great Evergreen Content

  1. Don’t write for an expert. 

Very important. You may think that using stylish words can bring your image high. Sure it does but it also puts your traffic down.

Simply put, the readers of your blog are not coming to judge you on your language expertise. They are coming to collect information and you should make sure that when they leave they are satisfied with the information you provided. You have to make sure that they are happy. So, use a very basic language so that more people can understand you. 

  1. Be extremely detailed

Similar to the above point, you must make sure that whatever your readers were looking for is in there in your post. Remember you are writing this post because you know about it but your visitors don’t. They are beginners and come looking for information. It is your duty to tell them everything related to the topic.

  1. Don’t use statistical data and dates.

Or avoid those topics that contain them because they are not evergreen. 

  1. Narrow your topic. 

Don’t try to cover a whole chapter, cover only a topic of it. But be sure to cover the whole of that topic. It may sound confusing. 

Let me clear this with an example. 

Suppose you want to write a tutorial on how to build a dog house. So what you should focus on writing about are

  • The best wood to use.
  • Paint.
  • Best nails.
  • Overall expense.
  • Tools to use.
  • How to keep it clean.
  • The area where it should be made and etc. 

Basically, everything that can be helpful in building a dog house. And not on other things even if they are highly related to a dog. 

This way, you are giving yourself more topics that can be covered later. 

  1. Interlink your posts.

Linking to other relevant posts increases the stay of your readers. Longer stay also means that the reader is liking the content. 

  1. SEO your Post.

Use highly relevant keywords to write your post. Keywords are those magical words that help you to rank and get searched on Google. 

For this, you can use Neil Patel’s free tool Ubersuggest. Type in any keyword on keyword ideas panel and you will find a list of all the keywords related to your keyword. 

You should look for long-tail keywords and the one with the lower search rate.

Once you have written your post it is not likely to be established as an evergreen post automatically. Or it may not remain forever. You still have a lot to make it evergreen content. Here are some tips to keep the post evergreen.

How to Keep the Post Evergreen After It’s Published

  1. Keep updating. 

You should always introduce your post as a piece of fresh start information. Presenting fresh compelling information engages the audience. It does not matter how old your post is, the visitors will always find it new. If you feel that some piece of information is obsolete then you must remove it. If you feel new information should be added then you must.

Google also values posts that are constantly updated. It will also help you rank higher. 

  1. Promote on Social Platforms.

Promoting your post socially will help you get more engagements. If a post is shared more, Google finds it extremely important and helps you with more readers. 

More audience is important for a post to become evergreen. They are directly or indirectly connected. How? You write evergreen posts to get more and consistent traffic and that traffic will eventually make it a popular evergreen post. 

  1. Maintain consistency. 

Remember how we made a list of all those topics that are capable of being called evergreen posts and how bloggers have 4 or 5 posts constantly bringing traffic to their blogs. 

This is where you understand the importance of consistency. Presently, you have one evergreen post that will surely bring good traffic. However, you should also have more such topics.

Here are some reasons why you should have more than one evergreen post.

  • They will bring 2 times more traffic.
  • Similar topics lead to better interlinking.
  • Your brand will become known.
  • You will gain the trust of your readers.
  • More bloggers will link to you.
  • Your Bounce Rate will decrease. 
  • Search rankings will improve.

How to Write Evergreen Posts – Conclusion

An evergreen post is a great way to get more leads. One day or later you will realize how important this is for content planning. I have told you all about how to write evergreen content and how to keep it long-lasting. 

You may find that such techniques do not give you instant results. Why? Because there are no shortcuts and even if you try to find some you will eventually fail. So, the best thing to do is to use long term techniques. They show results later but these are trustworthy. 

So, try these tricks and write some wonderful evergreen posts. 

Enough of me talking.

Now your turn.

Tell me which one would you implement first. What niche are you in?

Author – Ekta Swarnkar

Ekta is a girl living with her parents. Her mom makes her delicious food. She loves books more than anything. She often wonders if she had taken birth only to drink coffee and read books. Never mind!
A Step by Step Guide on How to Create Evergreen Content

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  1. Thank you for the information. Definitely some great tips, I will be referring back on my next blog post as well as l look over my existing posts that may be able to fall in the evergreen content catagory.

    1. You’re welcome, Angela! It’s something that I’m always trying to watch for to make sure that my content is fresh all the time and not limited to dates or specific moments. Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. Narrowing your topic is such a good tip! I always think of Evergreen as being thorough on a topic from start to finish! I am going to need to keep this tip in mind!!!

    1. Totally, Kim! Keeping your topic super focused allows you to solve one problem really well for your readers and gives your evergreen content a great boost! Cheers 🙂

      1. Great article, thank you so much!! I have been struggling with SEO’s and keywords, I will definitely look into the free tool you suggested. My niche is parenting!

  3. These are some great ideas. I’m just starting my blog, and I’m quickly realizing I need to make my posts focused to solve one problem. Sometimes I get too excited and write about too many things in one post.

    1. Hey Jen! I think this happens to a lot of new (and seasoned) bloggers! Lots of times I have to reign myself in to make sure that I’m just focusing on one topic. Thanks for reading!

  4. There’s so much great information here! I have always heard about evergreen content but never really understand exactly what was meant by it. Thanks so much for providing this great resource that I will definitely be referring to as I write more and more blog posts each week!

    1. You are so welcome, Kalin! So glad that you enjoyed the post. I remember evergreen content being really confusing for me as well in the beginning. Hopefully this helped you understand a bit more. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Nicole! So glad that this post helped you to understand Evergreen posts a little more. It can definitely be a bit confusing for sure! Thanks for reading, hope you are having an amazing weekend!

  5. I love your explanation of Evergreen content! I hear so many bloggers talk about it but they don’t really explain how they should. I appreciate this informative article!

  6. This is a really great post! I had no idea about evergreen post (I started blogging a month ago). Thank you for this in-depth and educational post.

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