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The Best Excel Templates for Marketing Your Content

Do you use excel templates for your content marketing plan? Taking charge of marketing means having to deal with numbers every minute of every day. 

While the task may seem daunting, especially if math isn’t your cup of tea, there’s a more efficient way to crunch numbers and calculate complex equations. How? With Excel spreadsheets, of course!

In the world of marketing, Excel is an indispensable tool. In fact, every marketer out there probably has an arsenal of his or her go-to Excel templates for various marketing projects. The great news is, there’s a wide selection of free business chart templates online for anybody who’s about to undertake marketing-related tasks.

Get your marketing plan uber-organized! Here are our picks for top Excel marketing templates.


On-page SEO Template

Search engine optimization may be just one component of any given digital marketing strategy, but it plays a crucial role in its success.

SEO work, however, has a myriad of moving parts that you need to review, update, and analyze on a regular basis. Fail to do any of the above with any measure of efficiency, and you’ll have a problem hitting the optimization goals you’ve set for your company’s website.

Fortunately, Hubspot has seen fit to provide you with an efficient way to manage your SEO campaign in the form of the On-page SEO Template.

When you use the On-page SEO Template, you can be sure that your on-page SEO strategy will be clear and organized. Every key element will be implemented in keeping with the best SEO practices. Tracking results or any changes will also be so much easier.

So, if you want an easier time performing tasks like spotting target keywords and measuring conversion rates, you ought to give this template a try.

The Annual Marketing Calendar

Part of any effective marketing strategy is to prepare for the year ahead. Suffice it to say that planning and organizing the company’s business calendar is a necessary task for most marketing professionals out there.

If you’ve experienced preparing a business marketing calendar the traditional way, then you can attest how stressful and overwhelming an undertaking it can be. Thank heavens, we have Excel templates now!

switch themes to Astra website in a weekend launch plan

One of our favorites – the Annual Marketing Calendar by Smartsheet – has customizable sections for the different aspects/phases of your marketing strategy and the business’ marketing goals and milestones. Also, you can use the spreadsheet for both short-term and long-term planning as it features both an annual and monthly marketing calendar. 

Excel Marketing Budget Template

No matter how big or small your business is, you need to align your budget and your spending to achieve your marketing goals in the most cost-efficient and cost-effective ways possible. 

Still, there’s more to preparing the marketing budget than just the proper allocation of funds. You also have to account for unanticipated expenses and track your spending against projected costs.

Most of us are aware of just how challenging it is to budget – whether it be company or personal finances.  Thankfully, Hubspot has a collection of marketing budget templates to help you organize your business’ spending and expenses. What’s even better is that you can download them online for free!

Monthly Marketing Metrics

If your company utilizes the extreme power and influence of the internet to enhance our marketing strategy, then the Monthly Marketing Metrics – another one from Hubspot – should come in really handy.

With the Monthly Marketing Metrics template, you can measure site traffic, leads, and conversions to gauge the growth and efficiency of your marketing efforts. The template allows you to analyze data from different phases of the process/implementation, so you’ll be able to gauge how much more you have to go before you reach specific marketing goals.

Moreover, it’s a well-organized and coherent-enough tool for presenting campaign ROI and, by far, one of the simplest means of assessing the success of your internet and web marketing efforts. 

SMART Goal Planning Templates

Business and marketing goals drive the company forward and help you focus on things that truly matter. Many businesses, however, have trouble setting their priorities, which may eventually lead to marketing failure or financial collapse.

Just in case you need help in creating and developing more efficient marketing objectives, Smartsheet has a selection of SMART Goal Planning templates. Use these spreadsheets to streamline your company’s marketing strategies. The right goals, plus the right tools, will speed up your journey to success.

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Blog Editorial Calendar Template

Given the sheer number of blogs out there (600 million and counting), one would probably think that blogging must be one of the easiest things to do in the world of digital marketing. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Unless you’re doing it just for kicks, blogging isn’t something where you just write and post about something that catches your fancy, and that’s it.

For a serious marketing blogger, putting a lot of thought into every blog topic is par for the course. Blog posts need comprehensive planning, and every little aspect of the blog, from the way the entries are organized to the consistency of the tone of the posts, should be managed deftly.

Let Hubspot’s Blog Editorial Calendar Template give you a hand in doing all of the above and more.

Picking a blog topic is a cinch when you use this template. The same goes for choosing keywords to incorporate into your posts. And when you want your posts published in keeping with schedules set by your team, you can rest assured that the Blog Editorial Calendar Template will help you make that happen.

Social Media Content Calendar

Aside from developing the Blog Editorial Calendar Template for bloggers, Hubspot also came up with the Social Media Content Calendar for those tasked with maintaining their company’s social media presence.

Running out of ideas for posts is a social media marketer’s worst nightmare, but things don’t have to be that way with the Social Media Content Calendar. With the help of this template, you can put every single content idea that crosses your mind in one comprehensive list and never worry about writer’s block ever again. 

Download a list of over 40 Facebook Groups to share your content in the Ultimate Blogging Toolkit for Beginners here!

eCommerce Planning Kit

If you run an eCommerce store, you can likely attest it has many moving parts, so planning can help save you from a lot of heartaches later. The eCommerce Planning Kit comes with a marketing plan designed to guide you through vendors, channels, target markets, market research, and many more.

As soon as your eCommerce store is up and running, you can use the conversion template so you can easily track performance across various platforms and vendors. You will also get a holistic view of your progress.

Essential KPI Tracker

If you are using the monthly metrics template, this is another marketing template you might also want to get. In essence, the essential KPI tracker is designed to take the metrics you have decided to track and describe them in more detail.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are your most important metrics. Each of the KPIs has a unique purpose in the marketing strategy. With the template, you can assign a KPI to a specific employee, set a color that reflects the KPIs performance, and define the frequency at which the KPI performance is monitored.

Let’s say one of your KPIs is organic traffic. You can set up the template such that 100 views monthly is yellow (poor performance), 300 views/month is red (stable performance), and 500 monthly views is green (outstanding performance).

Lead Scoring and Tracking Template

There’s no denying marketing, and sales often don’t see eye to eye. In some cases, the sales team might assume the marketing department is not generating enough leads. In contrast, marketing might think the sales team is not capitalizing on the leads they are generating. At the end of the day, finger-pointing won’t be able to get your business anywhere.

If you want to align your marketing and sales teams better, you can use this template to create a service-level agreement or SLA. In essence, an SLA is a contract that defines the expectations the sales team has for the marketing leads. 

At the same time, it also reflects the expectations the marketing team has in terms of how the sales team will act on the qualified leads. 

With this customizable SLA, you will have all the data you need to define a robust lead generation goal, keep close tabs on your current sales, track and measure the success of lead generation channels.

SMART Goal Matrix

Regardless of whether you are planning monthly, quarterly, or yearly, identifying a clear set of goals is crucial for driving your marketing priorities and efforts. Also, if you need help attaining the marketing objectives you have set, the SMART goal matrix can help. 

Rooted in attainability, timeliness, measurability, and relevancy, this template can help set your team up for success while providing a tool that identifies your most significant marketing needs at the same time.

Product Launch Plan

A well-executed product launch can be a primary differentiator for early adoption and successful marketing. A robust plan can also give you purpose and clarity as you introduce new products to your prospects and customers.

The product launch plan can also help organize your ideas around positioning, competitive analysis, and product strategy. It can also help you quickly brainstorm significant proof points and key messaging for your campaigns.


Data is a powerful tool marketers can use to work for them. While it would seem like spreadsheets have been around for the longest time, Microsoft Excel has many features and capabilities that make it an excellent resource for organizing, analyzing, displaying, and parsing data. With some Excel magic, you can effectively streamline your workflow and make the most of any data you generate.

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Must-Have Excel Templates for Marketing

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