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Identify Your Audience Develop a Social Media Strategy Build Your Authority Find More Customers Drive More Sales

leverage the power of online and social media marketing to grow your business without using a single "Hey girl..." message

What People Are Saying:

“I love this course. I did differently learn a few things and I think it will help me tremendously growing my VA business.” ~ Ashely Havecker

“This course was awesome. Nice and to-the-point, which is what I enjoy. The tips are solid and I can’t wait to start implementing them!” ~ Emma, Preparing for Mommy

“When I saw that Sasha was offering a FREE Social Media Crash Course, I immediately enrolled. I have completed multiple courses on The Blogger’s Glitterati platform that have improved my family travel blog. This course helped me identify the exact steps I needed to take to grow my following on social media, and most importantly, how to build my authority as a leader in my niche.” ~Jenny from

“It was helpful and I picked up several useful tips. I love that you focused more on forming relationships and engaging in conversations. It’s one of those success-is-quality- over-quantity things.” ~ Sabrina B.

online & social media crash course for businesses
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Identify Your Audience

Learn how to figure out who your audience is and how to really help them

Develop a Social Media Strategy

Develop a strong social media strategy and online presence that will keep your audience engaged

Build Your Authority

Build your authority so that your audience becomes your ideal customer

About Me

How to make extra money from home with Sasha Lassey

Although my career has now developed into an online business marketing strategist, I actually started out in the early days in the network marketing industry.

After several years of growing my business and my teams, I became frustrated at the lack of “progression” in marketing standards for network marketers. The training methods that included friending your friends’ friend’ friends and sending out spammy messages that started with “Hey girl…” was just too much. 

Then I discovered the world of attraction and online marketing. 

“What do you mean I can find new customers without begging my family to have yet another party???” SIGN ME UP! 

Now I spend my time working with women entrepreneurs to build their side-hustles to new levels using the power of online marketing. So glad you could join me in this adventure!

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Free Social Media Marketing Course for Beginners
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