AMP Your Blog Traffic With Google Web Stories for WordPress

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Learn how you can use Google Web Stories for WordPress to grow your blog traffic!

Did you see the new Google Web Story I created here!!?? I think it’s super cool and is going to be an amazing new tool to help content creators grow their blog traffic. How? Let me explain…

Information consumers are spending less and less time reading traditional content and attention spans are getting shorter creating a need for more easily consumable content.

As a result, there has been a shift to creating more “snackable” content as Google likes to call it. And Google Web Stories might be the answer.

Formerly known as AMP Stories, Google has released a new version of stories that are delivered as an Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) technology, called Web Story.

This integration with AMP is important as it is able to deliver content on mobile devices at lightning speed. Google has noted that next year, changes to the search engine’s algorithm include on-page speed performance creating highly engaging content quickly will play a HUGE factor.

What is a Google Web Story?

Web Stories are very similar to the stories you see on Instagram and Facebook as a way to share more interactive visual content with your audience.

Storytelling has always been an important factor in building your brand voice and growing your audience. But, there are two key things that set Google’s new Web Stories apart from the other two.

First, Google is a giant and all bloggers are always trying to figure out what it wants so that their content can rank. Stories that you make in Facebook and Instagram will never rank on a Google search engine.

Since the release of Google Web Stories, there has been some chatter that using the stories within your posts may help to boost your authority and ultimately, your reach. WOOOHOOO!

In fact, stories may be a way to help you rank not only on the search engine itself, but for Google Images and the Google App! These Web Stories are popping up everywhere and are gaining a lot of attention.

Second, Google developed a plugin that works directly with WordPress so that you can create and embed and even update them directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Again, this a feature that you won’t find on Facebook or Instagram. Although it’s still in the beta phase and there are a few updates left to come, the plugin has a lot of functions to create beautifully designed, immersive Web Stories to share with your audience.

How to Get Started With Your First Google Story

To get started, you will need to make sure that you are running the AMP WordPress plugin and that you have the latest version of Gutenberg installed on your website.

You’ll also want to check the “Stories” box to enable AMP for stories from the AMP “General Settings”.

AMP Your Blog Traffic With Google Web Stories for WordPress

Download the Plugin for Web Stories for WordPress

You can download the web stories plugin directly from their site as a zip file. To upload into WordPress, just go to Plugins>Add>Upload Plugin and select the file. Make sure to click activate once you’ve uploaded it.

Once it’s installed, you’ll be able to find it in the left-hand sidebar of your WordPress dashboard under “Stories”. Here you create new stories and see all of the ones that you’ve already published.

How to Create a Google Web Story

Creating a Google Web Story is SUPER easy! First, head over to the app in your WordPress dashboard to create a Web Story.

  • There are several out of the box templates to work within the dashboard to get you started or you can create your own!
  • Add images from your library or upload images that you want to use. Vertical images work best.
  • Your stories can also include video, though they recommend a maximum of 15 seconds. Also, videos must have captions if there is talking so that viewers can read if they are unable to listen.
  • Create backgrounds with solid or gradient colours or add overlays
  • Add text to the story. Google recommends a minimum font size of 24. Also, try to keep text to a minimum – the idea isn’t to create a post but to highlight the headlines and attract the viewer to click to read more.
  • Add short audio clips or background sound to enhance your story
  • Add as many pages as you like but remember the idea is to be “snackable” content so shorter is better
  • Features like animations and social sharing are expected to come soon
web stories for wordpress

Use Clickable CTA Links to Interact with Your Audience

What’s really great about Google Web Stories is that you can create clickable call-to-action (CTA) links to drive your audience where you want to have more traffic. This can be a post, landing page or another social media account. You can even use Web Stories to promote your affiliate links or upcoming promotion!

Another cool feature coming soon is social sharing and related links at the end of your story so that your audience can head over to your content or even share it with their favorite platforms.

Set Your Document Preferences

Now that your story is ready to go, you want to make sure to toggle over to the right-hand tab on “DOCUMENT” to set your preferences. Here you can set the author and you’ll need to have a publisher logo and a cover image for sharing. The cover image seems to work best with a square canvas.

You’ll also want to set a meaningful permalink as it automatically defaults to “auto-draft” which I don’t imagine will do much for your SEO.

Learn more tips about getting traffic from SEO as a beginner blogger here

Embed Your New Google Web Story into Your Posts!

Don’t forget to go back to your published story and add the link to your blog post!

Once they are published, your stories are all shareable with a unique link so that you can (or your audience) share them to ANY platform. SAY WHAT?? Yes!

What do you think about the new Google Web Stories for WordPress? Are you going to try to use them in your blog content marketing plans?

AMP Your Blog Traffic With Google Web Stories for WordPress

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      1. So I tried it and created one. But then within days I got a AMP alert from Google. But I had also added a pop-up quiz to my site. The AMP alert though I think was cause by the story. Because the Google alert noted that URL blog post. I added it to the top of my post. But maybe I did something wrong. Any ideas. I took it off now. As I am waiting for Google to validate the AMP.

  1. I don’t know how I didn’t know about this! Thank you for sharing, I’m definitely going to try it out. This is such a great post and I’m glad I came across it, since I never heard of Google Stories before! 🙂

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