4 Super Simple Tips on How to Choose a Blog Name

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Struggling with how to choose a blog name? Here are 4 Tips to create a perfect title for your new blog

Choosing a name for a blog can be super difficult, almost the same as it is for a child. We would like to come up with something interesting, original, but also reflecting the essence of the project being created. If you don’t know what title to give to your blog, this article is for you. 

So, why is it so difficult to choose a “name” for your blog? The key problem is the development of the Internet. Today there are a huge number of blogs and almost all meaningful and interesting names have already been taken. 

Novice bloggers sometimes even get discouraged, learning that none of the names they have finally invented will work. Don’t despair. There is always other options and the ability to “generate” an original and meaningful title.

Do you want to know what a blog could be called? Read the article further.

4 tips to choosing the perfect domain name for your blog

1. Brand or personal name of the owner

If you are creating a project for a company, then the choice is obvious – you should use the name of the company.

  If you provide services in person, it is recommended to promote your own name. This path is perfect for the following professionals:

  •  photographers;
  • stylists;
  • designers;
  • artists;
  • etc.

A proper name in the title of the blog is convenient, rational and effective. You are working not only to promote the blog, but also invest in the promotion of your personal name. And the blog has its own character, it is filled with a lively atmosphere corresponding to your lifestyle.

Although there are certain dangers when using a personal name. If the project fails, your personality is getting a little tarnished.

2. Technical aspects

When wondering what title to give to your personal blog, do not forget about certain technical aspects. The word used in the title should be easy to read, memorable.

  For example, let’s say you decided to promote your personal brand. Your name and surname is John Smith. What could be easier? This is the whole problem. First and last names are too common and it will be very difficult for you to stand out.

Difficulties also arise for people with too original first and last names. How do you like this option – Arnold Hitschpelzeger. If users do not have difficulties with spelling the name, then even pronouncing the last name, let alone writing it, is very difficult. Therefore, using them for the blog title is also not recommended.

  Of course, an unusual last name can become the very “thing” that instantly distinguishes from the rest. But only if it is not too difficult.

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3. Word as a brand

A separate, catchy, bright word can become the perfect title. It does not have to determine the topic of your project, but it is highly desirable to convey the mood, atmosphere of the blog.

  Here, think for yourself what you like and associate directly with your topic. A variety of “double” titles are good. That is, implying the use of two words at once.

4. Keywords

Use keywords. That is, those that immediately determine the topic of the site.

  Using keywords in the name of your brainchild will have a positive effect on the subsequent promotion of the project in search engines. Users will be able to find your blog by these words.

  In addition, keywords directly determine the topic, direction of the blog. Users will immediately understand what is at stake on your site.

 Some more tips for choosing a name

1. Convey the mood by the title

Blogging about fashion? Consider how you present information. There are several options, directions. For example, from the perspective of history, from the point of view of an experienced designer. Or, one of the most common options, from the point of view of a person talking about how to create a fashionable and stylish wardrobe that meets the latest fashion trends with minimal financial investment.

2. Ease of writing and pronunciation

Do not forget that users will definitely pronounce the title of the blog, they will write it. Therefore, the name should be chosen so that there are no difficulties with pronunciation or spelling. If you want to use a French, German, or other foreign word in your name, make sure there will be no difficulties with transcription.

3. Eliminate the ambiguous interpretation

The word should not have an ambiguous interpretation, indecent associations or consonance with indecent words. Say your chosen title out loud. Listen to the words. Try to pronounce it quickly several times in a row. Make sure that there are no incomprehensible consonances and incorrect associations.

4. Test the title

Check how the potential target audience will react to the title. Alternatively, interview family members, friends, relatives who are related to the target audience, to find out their opinion about the title. Here are a few more areas of the survey – say the title out loud and ask to write it on paper. Ask what topic the title is associated with – if most of the people surveyed will name it correctly (or are close in their answers), you are not mistaken with the titling. 

Is it possible to change your blog name in the future

  You have already figured out what title to give to your personal blog. More precisely, in which direction to think. However, there are times when the project owner suddenly realizes that the previously chosen title is no longer relevant to the website content. And even new titles appeared in the head, better suited to the blog.

  That is, they are asking for change. But are they possible? And how will this affect the project itself? Let’s figure it out.

Choosing a blog title: In terms of SEO optimization

From an SEO perspective, retitling is not the best solution. Especially if the change involves not only a new title, but also getting a new domain. As there will be a drop in search results, traffic will drop.

  Therefore, before making changes to the title, it is recommended to analyze the traffic in order to understand what part of the users comes to you from the search engines. Are you ready to lose this audience? Then don’t hesitate and change the title.

How to name your blog: in terms of positioning

And here any change will be positive. After all, it will be much easier for you to search for a new audience. Especially if the new title better represents the topic of the blog. It will become more relevant to articles, content of the project.

  Don’t be afraid to lose your existing audience. Publish an article in which tell in detail about what exactly dictated the changes, the desire to make changes. Prepare your existing audience for change ahead of time. Then there will be no problems with the transition.

But some users will note the new title of the project. Surely, this will interest them. In addition, regular readers will definitely support any of your endeavors and aspirations to make your blog better, which will give your actions confidence.

What names can you choose for your blog? Don’t forget about choosing a domain

 First you need to decide on the domain zone. These are the letters in the name of the site after the period. Here are some common areas:





There are many others. For example, tied to a specific region, geographic area. It is believed that “.com” is recommended for commercial projects, but today few people pay attention to such conventions.

  Each zone has its own characteristics and advantages. If you are going to promote a project in a specific region, then it is recommended to select the appropriate regional domain. But “.com” is an excellent solution for promotion in different regions.

  In addition, it should be borne in mind that your target audience has its own habits and preferences. For example, the audience of a specific region, when typing a website address, will most likely enter the regional domain out of habit. Or, at best, “.com”. 

Buy a domain: cost may depend on the zone

  One of the criteria for choosing a domain is its price. It directly depends on the zone. For aspiring bloggers just starting their project, the issue of cost can be key.

  Also, keep in mind that you don’t buy a domain forever. You rent it. The term is 12 months. That is, every year you have to pay a fixed amount for using the domain. Thus, extending the rental period.

  Some domain services offer discounts for the first 12 months. Therefore, in the future, you will have to pay a slightly larger amount. Remember this moment and study the offer in detail.

Still not sure how to choose the perfect domain name? Think about outsourcing

To write a resume or a review and to do it in a professional way is not an easy task however this mission is possible to complete.  Sometimes hiring a professional, online, resume, checking and writing service with the best editor and writer, who are professionals working for the company for many years and whose services are high-quality.

Let the experts do what they are good at because it will be the best option if you want to succeed. Online company writers are available 24/7 and provide an excellent service for a little price. Every writer is known for an individual approach to customers and that along with their experience and decent pricing policy makes them so right to apply for help.

 What domain name to choose for your blog: summing it up

We have told you in detail what title you could possibly choose for your blog. Based on our advice, you will choose the perfect title for your project that will exactly match its theme.

4 Super Simple Tips on How to Choose a Blog Name

About the author:

Melisa Marzett comes from Phoenix, Arizona and was working as a reporter. Now, she is a freelance article writer and a traveler currently living in Bali, writing and helping out local families to survive. She dreams about peace in the world.

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  1. This is a great post! It can be hard to come up with names for a blog – using an online ‘title’ generator can sometimes help. Even if you don’t use exactly what the generator suggests, it’s a good way to get the ball rolling.

  2. Something that helped me come up with my blog name was putting keywords of what I wanted to blog about into a generator I found online. It gave me the idea “Knock on Motherhood” and I fell in love with it!

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