33 thoughts on “How to set Up a Pinterest Business Account”

  1. This is such a really insightful post. I have been really struggling to understand Pinterest. I registered in 2016 and till have not had much traffic from there.

  2. This was so helpful. I could not figure out what I was doing wrong to claim my site with Pinterest and in two seconds I figured it out. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for the comment! I’m very new but my traffic is steadily increasing. I use a combination of manual pinning, group boards, Tailwind and Tribes to get my content out. How are you pinning?

  3. I had changed my board names to more descriptive ones, but recently, I have added back in the fun by adding some fun around it (like “Really Revving Reviews”, instead of just “Reviews”). And I have NOT made ancillary boards secret (against expert wisdom). Part of our vision is to express ourselves creatively, so while we want to be successful, it has to be understanding that we a multi-faceted artists at the same time. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  4. I have already set up my Pinterest business account, but this post is great for anyone who hasn’t. Very simple and easy to understand!

  5. You always have fantastic tips and reminder. Now I need to go back and review and tweak my board names. And add some more keywords snd key phrases for SEO to the description. Thank you for even more inspiration.

    1. Thank you. Traffic has som many different factors including quality content, lots of content, and consistent marketing. How old is your blog? What are you currently doing to increase your traffic?

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