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Guest Post by Holly Brown

Improve Your Writing Skills and Create Blog Posts That People Actually READ

Writing a great book, blog post or article is important when you want to succeed with writing. Not everyone is born a great writer, but millions of books and blog post are published each year by people all over the world. Some are not great writers and we may never see what they have to offer because of this. The good news is you don’t have to fall into that group of people. All you have to do is improve your writing skills to get people to stay and read what you have to say.

If you’re a blogger looking to improve your readership. Writing great content is important. Not only do you want to blog about hot topics in your niche and help your readers. You also want to make sure they stay, subscribe and keep reading what you have to offer. If your writing is bad, they won’t do any of that, in fact, they will probably leave and never come back.

Improve Your Writing Skills and Create Blog Posts That People Actually READ

Improving your writing is easier than you think it would be. Though, it will require a bit of work and will not happen overnight. It is something you need to work on if you want to be a successful blogger. Here are a few tips to get you started on your journey to better writing.

Start Writing

I know this seems crazy. If you’re a blogger or writer you already are writing. This time, however, you want to write with a purpose. You want to pay attention to how you write your sentences. Are they really long and go on forever? Do you use a lot of commas or none at all? You may find that you make paragraphs that are really just one long sentence.

Knowing where you are starting is the first step to improving your writing skills. If you’re great with grammar, then you don’t need to worry about working on that. If you can’t spell you need to work on improving your spelling skills. Great spelling is not essential to be a good writer, but it’s helpful if you’re trying to write better and faster.

Writing often keeps your mind sharp and you start to notice your writing problems and habits. Do you always struggle to spell a word you use a lot? Start learning how to spell that word so you can write faster. If you want to improve your word knowledge, look up a new word, figure out what it means and use it often in your writing over a few days. Then, start the process again with a new word.

These practice writings may not be something you use in your blog, but it will help you learn more about words you didn’t know existed and create a more interesting blog post for your readers.

Use Tools to Improve Your Writing

We all know about spell check, but did you know there are tools out there that will check your grammar, sentence structure, and spelling? Grammarly is a great tool to help improve your writing and check it at the same time. Grammarly also has both a free and paid version.

Another great tool is Reverso. This program will check your grammar and spelling, but it also will translate for you. This is great if you write in two or more languages or if you’re a travel writer. You can download this tool and use it to speak the language.

When you use tools to write you must remember they are tools, they are not a way to fix every mistake you make when writing. That is why it’s so important to know grammar and how to use words in sentences. That is why the next tip is so important to accomplish.

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Take Online Classes

Did you know there are online classes that will help improve your writing? Grammar-Monster has free lessons that will help you improve your writing without relying on a tool. They offer easy and quick lessons in comma placement, adjectives, nouns and more. It’s a bit like going back to school, but it is worth your time and effort to check out these lessons.

Have Others Read Over Your Work

Having others read over what you have written is a great way to not only make sure what you are publishing is amazing. It also will help you improve your writing if you do it the right way. Have a friend who is good with grammar read over your latest blog post. Ask them to not only mark up what grammar and spelling errors there are but also have them take notes about your writing.

How do your sentences work together? Is your post easy to read? Do you use enough descriptive words to keep your readers interested and engaged? All of these are things that you need to keep readers coming back to your blog.

Don’t Write a Blog Post in One Sitting

Many bloggers sit down and write a post, then hit publish. Writers have this habit of either wanting to share their ideas immediately or not at all. If you’re a blogger you probably fall into the first group of people. When you write a blog post, then publish it immediately you don’t take the time to really edit it and see where you need to make changes.

Write up a post, then walk away. Wait at least a few hours before coming back to review it. The best habit to get into is waiting at a day or two and then coming back to it. That does mean you have to plan your posting in advance, but it will create better content in the end.

What you have to remember most about improving your writing is that it will take time. You can’t improve overnight or even in a few days. Expect a month or more before you really start seeing progress. Keep practicing and using these tips and your writing will improve.

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Improve Your Writing Skills and Create Blog Posts That People Actually READ
Holly Brown

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