The Entrepreneur's Website in a Weekend Launch Plan Cart is NOW OPEN!

(Previously Blogger’s Best Bundle)

Did you know that you don't need any special skills or a degree in coding to create an amazing, swoon-worthy website that's both beautiful and fast?

Here’s the honest truth:

1. You DO need a brilliant, branded website that will have your visitors coming back for more 

2. You DON’T need to hire an expensive web designer

3. You CAN create a beautiful, custom designed website from scratch, with absolutely no coding skills

4. You DO need a theme that’s not only beautiful, but it needs to be fast if you want Google to be your friend

5. You DON’T need to spend endless hours watching YouTube videos to piecemeal it all together

Do you still have a site that looks like a hot mess? 

Don’t want to hire a designer to do it for you?

I get it...

Website in a Weekend Launch Plan

All you want is a beautiful (and fast) theme to show off your brand

You either snagged a free theme or maybe you bought a seemingly amazing one and then when you got it uploaded to your site, it never looked like the demo or had the customization options you needed.

Website in a Weekend Launch Plan

You feel like you're wasting tons of time researching how to battle the tech end of setting up your site

Starting a blog seemed like a really fun idea in the beginning. Now instead of creating content for your audience, you’re stuck in a tech swamp that won’t seem to end.

Website in a Weekend Launch Plan

You're literally seconds away from throwing in the towel

I have been there. Holy smokes have I ever been there… I thought a measure of my success as an entrepreneur would be by how many things I could juggle and how much I could figure out on my own. Well, I was WRONG

Well, I might have the perfect solution…

…that can put an end to all this pain and suffering…now

…because I’m truly on a mission to help others like you

I don’t want anyone else to have to go through what I went through.

So, after much deliberation and thoughtful planning, I created a system that would give a step by step launch plan to create a beautiful and fully customizable website that doesn’t break the bank.

What might it feel like to finally have your website looking amazing, showing off your brand so that you can finally move on to creating to focusing on what you love – creating great content? 


This system has helped me not only design a beautiful website that I am crazy proud of, but it’s also the exact same system that I use when I’m working with my exclusive clients (who pay 4 figures for my services). 


Imagine doing all that without…

Website in a Weekend Launch Plan

Throwing money at a designer when you can learn it yourself

evergreen content for bloggers

Being an internet and coding rocket-scientist

Website in a Weekend Launch Plan

Wasting more time trying to figure it out yourself

Now you CAN have the website of your dreams for less than a cup of coffee a day….


The Entrepreneur's Website in a Weekend

Launch Plan

how to create a website on astra

The Entrepreneur’s Website in a Weekend Launch Plan is an incredible, step-by-step system to help you launch a memorable website in just 3 days!



Create a Beautiful and Responsive Theme

Finally get your website set up without having to spend hours studying YouTube tutorials

Stop Focusing on Setup and Start Focusing on Growth

Focus on creating great content for your audience so you can start building those relationships for growth

Have the Confidence to Make Changes How You Want Them

Learn the skills to confidently update your website yourself so you don’t have to rely on paying someone else to do it


Getting Started

If you are new to blogging and are just getting started, this section will walk you through deciding on your blog topic, choosing your blog name, tips on site hosting and learning how to create a remarkable brand identity. 

Website in a Weekend Launch Plan

Day 1

On Day 1, we’ll cover getting WordPress set up for your new design including theme installation, adding essential plugins, understanding website images and graphics and creating your homepage outline.

Website in a Weekend Launch Plan

Day 2

This is where things start coming together. On day 2, we will choose from over 30 starter templates and apply them to your new theme and we’ll start making some customizations that fit your new brand. 

Website in a Weekend Launch Plan

Day 3

On day 3, we will look at more customization options using Elementor and once we go through the pre-launch checklist, your site will finally be ready to share with the world! 

Website in a Weekend Launch Plan





Let’s break it down… Here’s what you’ll get as part of this amazing deal!

Total Value $582 

Today Only = $47

Website in a Weekend Launch Plan

If you’re not 100% satisfied, neither am I. So, if you’re not happy, I’ll give you your money back up (30 days)

Hi! I'm Sasha

I remember feeling like I was never going to get my blog finally launched. I literally spent hours and hours in a rabbit hole trying to figure stuff out to change my theme and make a beautiful site like everyone else, without having to shell out thousands for a web designer.

I spent countless hours scouring the internet trying to learn how to DIY everything. Then I found an easy system that worked and I started replicating it for my clients. 

But I also realised that there are people out there like me, who want the confidence to really know how to make changes to their sites without breaking it or the bank.

The solution – the Entrepreneur’s Website in a Weekend Launch Plan.

It’s here and I’m here to share it with you so that you can confidently create the website of your dreams in just 36 hours. 

Website in a Weekend Launch Plan

This is for you if…

But this is not for you if…

Website in a Weekend Launch Plan

 If you’re in the market for a website refresh or new theme, I highly recommend working with Sasha!

Cate Rosales

Sweet and Simple Life


Website in a Weekend Launch Plan

How many more days or even months will it be before you finally get your website looking the way you want it?

Guess What... You could have it done by this weekend!

That’s right. I’m giving you all the tools you need to launch your website in 3 days. That’s one weekend.


how to create a website on astra

Total Value $582 

Today Only = $47


Do I need to know coding?

Absolutely not! This launch plan is set up for complete beginners and walks you through each piece, step-by-step.

Does this really take only 3 days?

If you’re just getting started, you may want to spend some time nailing down your branding but other than that, it can be completed in a weekend!

Does this work for changing themes?

You betcha! There’s a couple extra steps in the beginning if you already have a theme and want to change. I’ve got you covered. 

What if I have a site that's not self-hosted?

If you are hosted on sites like WIX, Weebly, WordPress.com or GoDaddy, this launch plan won’t work for you. If you decide to move to self-hosted, this will get you up and running in no time. 

Do I have to pay for the theme?

Nope! We will be using the free version of Astra and the free version of Elementor. You can upgrade if you wish, but it’s not necessary. 

I've never used a page builder. Is it hard to learn?

Not at all. Elementor is a drag and drop page builder. Part of the bonuses in this launch plan is a tutorial and some handy tips for you to be able to customize however you wish!


Website in a Weekend Launch Plan

Total Value $582 

Today Only = $47

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