What is Clubhouse? (+ 7 Stupid Simple Ways to Grow Your Business On It)

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What is Clubhouse and How Does it Work?

Trying to decide if joining the Clubhouse app is worth your time? I’m here to tell you that it absolutely is. 

But, if you haven’t heard of Clubhouse by now, don’t worry. We’re going to go through all of the details of this app.

Not only will we look at how it works, we’re also going to give you 7 ways you can network and grow your business with it.

What is Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse App is the newest (and hottest) social media app initially released for the iPhone user (with a soon-to-be-released Android App in the near future) and created by venture capitalists, Paul Davison and Rohan Seth from Silicon Valley.

It launched in 2020 and the new app gained quick traction. Although its launch and growth has stayed fairly quiet, this app now has 6 million users

So, what’s the great thing that makes the Clubhouse app stand out? Unlike Facebook and Instagram, the social platform is entirely focused on audio.

Unlike all of the other social media apps, Clubhouse is not a visual platform. Other than account profile pictures or club group pictures, there are no other visual components to this app.

Instead, you talk to each other in rooms and hold impromptu conversations, about any and every topic. Almost like a live podcast event that you can jump into and out of at any time.

As a Clubhouse member, you can create different rooms including private spaces for an existing user or schedule rooms that are available for anyone to listen in as an audience member.

How to Join with a Clubhouse Invite

As of writing this post, there are only two ways to join the social media platform.

The first is to secure a coveted Clubhouse App invite. Invites are given to existing users of the app for joining and additional invites are earned by hosting or co-hosting events.

FYI – In order to be invited, you will need to be on the contacts list of the person who is inviting you so you will need to provide your cell phone number to them.

The newest released way to be invited is to be a friend of an existing user. If you are, they will be prompted to grant you an invite automatically.

Tips on How to Get a Clubhouse Invite:

  • If you know someone with a Clubhouse account, ask them to invite you. Even if they don’t have an invitation left, they may know someone that does.
  • Check Facebook groups for Clubhouse invite trains where you get an invite from the person above you in the comments and give your invite to the person below
  • You can also go into the app and get put on a waitlist for Clubhouse to personally invite you when they release more.

This may seem like it’s too much work just to get on a social media network, but I assure you that it’s worth it. Plus, it’s super easy to navigate and network on once you get in! 

what is clubhouse
Clubhouse Drop-In Audio Chat

How does Clubhouse work?

After you join, you will be prompted to follow different accounts, create your own Clubhouse profile with picture, and select your interests. 

Once you are set up, you can start engaging as a Clubhouse user. You will want to begin by joining rooms and listening to the speakers talk. Eventually, you may get asked to come on as a guest and join in on the conversation. 

Another way to engage in Clubhouse is by hosting your own chat room.

How do I know who to follow on Clubhouse?

There are some incredibly well-known users of the social networking app. Recently tech giants, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg joined into an audio chat room that quickly grew into an enormous crowd of listeners.

When considering who to follow, you want to keep in mind what your niche is, who your preferred audience is, and who you genuinely want to connect with. If you are an entrepreneur, influencer or business owner, new people can find a panel discussion on almost any topic.

To find these accounts and clubs, you have a few options.

You can search by topics or keywords in the top search bar or follow the recommended accounts.

Although Clubhouse has hundreds of different interesting clubs to follow and learn from, you really want to only follow along with the ones that make the most sense to your niche and for your time.

This means that you do not want to follow each and every topic that slightly interests you. 

Instead, you want to follow accounts and clubs that can help you learn more about your niche, network with like-minded individuals, and ultimately build your audience. 

Follow me on Clubhouse @sashalassey for tips on blogging and online business!

What is a Clubhouse room like?

A Clubhouse room is set up in three parts. 

The first section of people in the room are the speakers or admins. If you like listening to a particular speaker, you can click on their icon and go to their account. From there, you can learn more and follow them to be notified when they have scheduled rooms coming up. 

Then, the second section are the people that the speakers follow. You may want to check out some of these accounts. Since the speakers follow them, you might find them interesting as well.

The last section will show you the audience. This is a list of all the accounts that are currently listening to the speakers in the room. The audience can be invited to speak by the admins or can raise a hand if the speakers are allowing a question period.

Can I host my own Clubhouse room?

As a member, anyone can host a Clubhouse room.

Although you can host a Clubhouse room on your own, I recommend hosting a private room with a few guest speakers as well, especially to get your feet wet. To do this, you can ask your coworkers, friends, or other social media users to join in with you!

When hosting your own room, you want to always make sure that you are serving your audience’s wants and needs. This means that you generally do not want to host a room with no topic in mind and nothing to say.

As a host, you can make sure that speakers stay on topic and have an option to report anyone who isn’t adhering to the community guidelines.

7 Ways to Use Clubhouse to Grow Your Business

Every digital marketing trend has its perks and its pitfalls. With this audio app having just about no visual components to it, you may think it can’t help grow your business. But, it definitely can. 

Since everyone on Clubhouse is on it to give or get value, you have endless chances to grow your audience as well as your business network.

Here are some of the best ways to use Clubhouse efficiently and productively.

Have a clear and precise Clubhouse bio that stands out from the crowd.

  • When speaking in rooms, you want to use your time effectively. Aside from a quick introduction, you do not want to talk about your life and what you do. That is what your bio is for.
  • In your bio, you want to list your achievements, interests, career, and how you can benefit the listener.
  • Some professionals even suggest changing your bio to fit the room you are currently in.
  • Another way to stand out is by linking your Instagram and Twitter accounts to your bio.

Join clubs that fit your niche and have your preferred colleagues and clients.

  • If you are regularly engaging with your preferred clientele and who you would choose to have lunch with, they are more likely to find interest in your business and mission.
  • By doing this, you will also be able to find a variety of questions from your direct audience that you may be able to answer whether it is through a product, blog post, or separate Clubhouse room.
  • When putting yourself into the world of your niche, you are more likely to be seen and succeed.
  • And, for what it is worth, you’ll also optimize the enjoyment of your Clubhouse experience.

Stay on top of current questions and upcoming trends.

  • Clubhouse makes it very easy to be aware of current trends, topics, ideas, etc. 
  • Since it’s just a bunch of people gathered together talking and listening in a social app, you are able to see what your client truly wants.
  • Clubhouse basically gives you a way to get ahead.

Accept guest opportunities.

  • When you are a guest in someone else’s room, their audience can now potentially become your audience. You want to take advantage of this!
  • But, only accept speaking opportunities that stay within your niche. That way, the audience is more likely to follow you while listening to you speak.

Host your own rooms.

  • When you host your own rooms, you are building your own community.
  • I recommend having a set day, time, and topic when hosting your own rooms. If you make this a routine, your audience is more likely to consistently join because they can plan around doing this.
  • Whereas, if you just jump on whenever you have the time, your audience won’t always be available. Remember, this is your business. In order for your business to succeed, you need to prioritize your clientele.

Create call-to-actions.

  • Whether it is in your bio or while you are speaking, make sure you always have a call to action.
  • In your bio, you can add other social media handles or even add a URL link to your reference page. A link will not be clickable, but it still gives your potential client the option to copy and paste it into their browser.
  • If you don’t want to add a link to your bio, you can still let your audience know that they can DM you for any questions or just to chat. This can still give you the possibility of closing a sale in your message.
  • Regardless of how you do it, you want to encourage your clients to take action in your business.

Announce upcoming events or products when applicable.

  • Do not speak in rooms to solely announce an event or product. But, if the opportunity presents itself, you should absolutely mention your solutions to their problem.
  • Meaning, if you have a product that directly solves a question, you can answer that question with a summary of the solution. Then, you can add that you have a product that goes way more in-depth, and then tell them where they can find your product. 
  • But, don’t forget that your audience normally does not want to be sold things. So, prioritize answering their question first, rather than selling them your product.
  • (Also, make sure the room moderator is okay with promoting your business.)

Final Thoughts on Clubhouse

Clubhouse truly brings a new perspective to networking, marketing, and even socializing.

Since it features almost every niche you can think of, there is definitely room for your business to grow by using it. 

To build your business by using Clubhouse, remember to engage with similar accounts, locate your preferred clientele, and solve your consumer’s problems. To do this, agree to quest opportunities and host your own rooms.

With its exclusive platform being entirely auditory, there really is nothing like it. 

Do you have an account yet? Let me know in the comments below.


Q: Can anyone join Clubhouse?

Anyone can join the Clubhouse app, but you have to be invited to create an account. If you want an invitation, you can ask anyone you know with a Clubhouse account. You can also ask Clubhouse to put you on their waitlist, which will also allow you to claim your username.

Q: Can I download the Clubhouse app on any device?

You can now download the Clubhosue app on any iPhone. Another way to access this platform is through your mobile browser extension. If you are an Android user, expect an update soon to access the app.

How to use the clubhouse app for business

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  1. This was so helpful! I have had Clubhouse for about a month or so but never really understood how helpful it could be or how to even really use it for the blog! I love that it is all audio-based and that they allow any member to host and share the knowledge they have.
    Danielle recently posted…50+ easy & delicious 30-minute meals!

  2. Thanks Sasha, I was excited to learn about Clubhouse being available on Clubhouse now. I am thinking of joining and checking it out. I like that you don’t have to be on video to chat with others.
    Is there a web version too or just on mobile devices? Thank you!

  3. Clubhouse sounds like a bit of a nightmare for someone with social anxiety with the audio-only component! But this article brings awareness of what Clubhouse is all about, which I’ve had a hard time figuring out due to its exclusivity. Great informative post!

  4. I love Clubhouse so much that I had to regulate and prioritize my time on it! It’s like a personal development coach whispering softly in your ear all day and night for me 😉. Also just entertaining!

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